Group members

Current members

- Mahshid Majd (Post-Doc)

- Seyedmostafa Sheikhalishahi (PhD student)

- Behrooz Mamandipoor (Masters student)

Former PhD students

Andrei Popleteev (now Research Fellow at University of Luxembourg)
- PhD thesis title: "Indoor positioning using FM radio signals"

Aleksandar Matic (now Head of Research at Telefonica Research and Development, Alpha)
- PhD thesis title: "Sensing Social Interactions Using Non-Visual and Non-Auditory Mobile Sources"

Alban Maxhuni (now post-doc at Technical University of Denmark)
- Managing the Scarcity of Monitoring Data through Machine Learning in Healthcare Domain

Enrique Garcia Ceja (visiting - now at University of Oslo)
- Detecting stress levels in working environments through analysis of smartphone data

Jose Carlos Carrasco Jimenez (visiting - now at Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
- Predicting depressive and manic scores in patients with bipolar disorder through analysis of smartphone data

Elias Ruiz (visiting - now at Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica - INAOE)
- Detecting difficulties during dressing in patients with cognitive impairments, through image analysis

Pablo Hernandez-Leal (visiting - now at CWI, Amsterdam)
- Stress modelling and prediction in presence of scarce data

Masters and undergraduate students

Emiliano Versini
- m-health per la compatibilità tra i farmaci

Matthia Sabatelli
- Understanding mobility of bipolar patients through analysis of WiFi traces

Matteo Chini
- Monitoring sedentary behaviour of knowledge workers and development of a persuasive, mobile interface to encourage healthy, non-sedentary work-style.

Atena Bianchi
- Gathering user requirements to guide the development and evaluation of an adaptable interface for mobile and desktop devices.

Thiago Andrade Lima
- Data mining to analyse behaviour of traumatised/abused dogs and their response to the presence of humans within shelters.