Some of the projects I am (was) involved with:

WideHealth - Establishment of a sustainable network of research and dissemination across Europe on pervasive health. (European Commission Horizon 2020 grant 952279)

WellCO - New ICT-based solution in the provision of personalised advice, guidance and follow-up of elderly users. Adoption of healthier behaviour choices that help them to maintain or improve their physical cognitive, mental and social well-being. (European Commission Horizon 2020 grant 769765)

NeuroArt P3 - Artificial intelligence, imaging and clinical neurological data for predictive, preventive and personalized (P3) medicine. (Italian Ministry of Health / Ministero della Salute grant NET-2018-12366666)

TELEMECHRON - Telemedicine for home-based management of patients with chronic diseases and comorbidities: analysis of current models and design of innovative strategies to improve quality of care and optimise resource utilization. (Italian Ministry of Health / Ministero della Salute grant NET-2018-12367206)

SiCura - Improving the management and personalising the therapies of patients suffering from chronic intestinal diseases, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. (POR FESR-FSE 2014-2020)

Sanna EMPATTICS PCP - Enhance self-management for people with chronic illnesses (Diabetes, COPD, Heart Failure) through innovative ICT tools and test them at a large scale. (European Commission Horizon 2020 grant 690492)

CarpeDiab ProEmpower PCP - Improve treatment and self-management of Diabetes Type 2 patients. (European Commission Horizon 2020 grant 727409)

SmartSDK - Using Future Internet middleware (FIWARE) to develop applications in the Smart Healthcare, Smart City and Smart Security domains. (European Commission Horizon 2020 grant 723174)

REHAB at HOME - Post-stroke rehabilitation based on serious games (FP7 HEALTH grant 306113)

Virtual Social Gym - Personal Fitness Club to extend independent living for older adults through social exercise (EIT Digital)

Turnout Burnout - Detecting early phase Stress and Burnout through unobtrusive monitoring technologies (EIT Digital)

MONARCA - Monitoring, Treatment and Prediction of bipolar disorder episodes (FP7 HEALTH grant 248545)

UbiHealth - Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme on Ubiquitous Health (Marie Curie Actions grant 316337)

Riablo - Game-based home rehabilitation, post sports injury (Agenzia provinciale per l’incentivazione delle attività economiche)

ACube - Ambient-based assistance for cognitive decline (Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Bando Grandi Progetti)

INTERSTRESS - Management and Treatment of Stress-Related Disorders through Virtual Reality (FP7 ICT grant 247685)

Perceptive Ambients - Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded USA-Italy Exchange of Researchers